Milk time has never been so Pronto

Four Simple Steps

1. Rinse


Separate bottle and rinse parts under running tap water

2. Fill & Press


Fill bottle with water from the tap ready for bubs next feed while you travel. Press button on lid before throwing it in your bag.

3. Travel


The UVC light is now activated and sanitising the water and the bottle while you're travelling.

4. Feed


When you get to where you're going, add formula, shake & feed bubs or empty the bottle, add breast milk & feed.


The only baby bottle

you'll ever need

Parenting’s already a tough gig. So why should travelling with a bottle-fed baby be harder than it needs to be?

Get back some ‘me time’

Pronto Bottle uses UVC light to sanitise the bottle and the water inside at the press of a button. No extra gadgets or complicated sanitisation routines means more time for you to spoil yourself with a “hot” coffee or maybe a cat nap.

Travel lighter

No more lugging around giant nappy bags. Pronto Bottle can be carried around empty and reused throughout the day meaning you only need one bottle, not the usual six!

Feeding bubs, not landfill

We are breaking the "single baby”  lifespan of plastic bottles by creating a sustainable one that doesn't deteriorate through usage. You can even use it as a water bottle for yourself later.  Less landfill and a future planet for our babies.


Over the next 4 years in Australia

8.6 million baby bottles will become landfill

We plan to dramatically change this statistic. By streamlining the sanitisation process and creating a more durable bottle, Pronto will reduce the required number of baby bottles to just one, down from 12*. 


*Average of 8 bottles per baby, 2 babies per family.

"After struggling with breastfeeding I swapped to bottle feeding and, after losing my freedom to the new cumbersome, time-consuming and plastic waste process, I thought there had to be a better way! So I created it." 

Shannon Gilleland, Co-Founder
and mother of a very cheeky threeeyear old

In The Media

Genius Mum

Shannon Gilleland has created an innovative self-cleaning baby bottle that is set to revolutionise the lives of parents around the world.

An Easier Way

This self-cleaning baby bottle can sanitise itself while you're on the go. That's right - no need to wash multiple bottles or boil water to fill beforehand.


Haunted by the hours you've wasted hovering over a boiling saucepan trying to sterilise bottles? Well one Melbourne mum is here to rock your world!


Parent Musings

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