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SUNRISE | Shannon Gilleland on Pronto and Birchal crowdfunding

TICKER TV | Shannon Gilleland on Pronto and Indiegogo crowdfunding

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD | Growth challenges facing small business

Cash flow certainly proved to be a major hurdle for Shannon Gilleland, founder of self-cleaning baby bottle, Pronto Bottle. The product has been well received by her target audience of new parents but funding the growth in her business has been harder than she had expected.

While her background in project management helped her understand the complexities of running a small business, nothing prepared her for the challenge of developing a physical product, manufacturing and establishing a supply chain, she admits.

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BEHIND THE BRANDS | How Having my Daughter Sparked my Business Idea

Shannon Gilleland, founder and inventor of the Pronto Bottle, came up with the innovative idea of a self cleaning baby bottle while juggling the bottle prepping process in the back of the car, while parked outside her husband’s workplace one day. 

The self-cleaning baby bottle can sterilise itself while you’re on the go, without the need to wash multiple bottles or boil water to fill the bottle before hand.

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HAVEN | Behind the Brand // The Pronto Bottle

Washing your baby’s bottles is just one of those tasks: you know it’s super important, yet it feels like the biggest chore in the world. But what if it could clean itself?

It’s a daydream you’ve probably already had, elbow-deep in hot, soapy water – oh the things you could do with all that free time. One mum had the same daydream, only now, she’s turned it into a reality. Meet Shannon Gilleland, the inventor of the Pronto Bottle – the world’s first self-cleaning baby bottle!

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TECH LOAD | The entrepreneurial journey

STANDARD LEDGER | Shannon Gilleland on bookkeeping, business and being Pronto Bottle’s founder

When you have a baby, nothing really goes to plan. And nothing can prepare you for how many extra chores you’ll have, like washing and sterilising baby bottles. It’s work you just don’t need when you could be catching up on sleep or doing something for yourself.  

Pronto Bottle – the world’s first self-sterilising baby bottle – is set to change all that.  As one of our bookkeeping clients, we had the pleasure of asking co-founder Shannon Gilleland about her startup story so far, and where Pronto is headed. 

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STARTUP VIC | Recap: How Do Startups Get Funds?

Fourth, we had Shannon Gilleland, Founder of Pronto Bottle. As a founder, she was able to give her story of looking at so many types of funding: bootstrapping, “friends/family/fools,” pitch competitions, accelerators, and crowdfunding. She had some amazing tips, the most impactful of which was, “Plan.”

If a founder spends months working on getting VC funding and then it doesn’t work out, they need to have a Plan B. Maybe even a Plan C… Plan D…… and EFG? Planning ahead is a great way for startups to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. 

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SILICON BLOCK | MYOB pitch off winner

MYOB | Meet the Australian woman reinventing the baby bottle

Having won the recent MYOB Pitch Off at Silicon Block, this young mother has been working hard on revolutionising the way parents bottle feed their babies.

Anyone who’s had a baby will be familiar with all the fuss and mess that comes with the territory.

From feeding to cleaning and even just trying to keep the kids entertained, parents are regularly left wondering why things aren’t just a little simpler and easier.

And that’s exactly what Shannon Gilleland was thinking a couple of years ago while trying to prep bottles of baby formula for her young daughter.

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