UV-C light has been used in the medical and dental field to sterilize everything from surgical equipment and operating theaters for years.

It's also been used for decades to sterilize water within treatment plants, home water sterilization systems and portable travel sterilization devices.

Most recently this technology has evolved from traditional mercury lamp delivery systems to using tiny microchips. It's this technology that is being used within the products on our website that allows it to not only sterilize surfaces and the air it is exposed to, but gives it a light weight and durable aspect too.


It also adds a safety layer to the products we sell that can't be found if using a traditional mercury lamp, as traditional lamps can break easily and expose users to mercury gas, which isn't possible if you break a UVC microchip.

The UVC Led light runs within a specific wavelength of 260-270nm, which is the perfect wavelength to kill germs and bacteria.