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Pronto Bottle


  • Spending an hour a day washing, sterilising and preparing 6 or more bottles
  • Carrying 2.5 kilograms in your nappy bag with all those pre-filled bottles
  • Exposing your baby to harmful bacteria and germs
  • Carrying daggy, old school, plastic baby bottles

Pronto Bottle

  • is the only bottle, sanitiser, feeding system, you’ll ever need
  • It sanitises itself, and the water that’s added to it, while you’re at home or in the car, café or plane
  • Does so directly before feeding, reducing chances of your baby being exposed to germs and bacteria
  • You can carry it empty in your bag, saving you over 2kgs in weight
  • Contemporary, and eco friendly, glass bottle design that you won’t want to hide in your bag
  • 180ml

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